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 5 months ago

Trans women pose no threat to cis women, but we pose a threat to them if we make them outcasts | Rebecca Solnit

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 5 months ago

@Gaiavessel @GuardianUS Jesus Christ...😭🤬

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@GuardianUS Hmmmm I wonder who the biological Male is ?

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 5 months ago

@GuardianUS Stop lying.

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 5 months ago

@GuardianUS Transwomen are men. It is the job of other men not to make them outcast. Instead what i see is men using transwomen to destroy women's rights.

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@GuardianUS the entire ideology is a threat to women everywhere. women should not be sacrificed to protect feminine males from male violence, we cant even keep ourselves safe.

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@GuardianUS tell that to the women rapes in prisons by males, the countless women threatened with rape and violence for saying that sex is real and we need sex segregated spaces, the women beat out of womens sports by males, and on and on. while individual transwomen may not be a threat

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I joined for the humor of other parents that convinced me I wasn't the worst Mom in the world.

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#ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter because my first one from 2012 was wrongfully suspended 🙄😒

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Back in February 2009, to follow Barack Obama.

Those were the early days when he followed folks back.😍💙🇺🇸

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#ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter. After escaping the Iron Curtain and seeing a rise in Leftism in America, it was my hope to share my perspective and curtail collectivism’s spread. Failed miserably.

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Mainly for entertainment news & events. Trying to stay away from real news cause I see enough irl. #ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter

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Among Us Horror Story 1 Animated I was Hacked in Among us New 2021 via @YouTube


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Sick sense of curiosity. Similar to why people watch true crime shows.

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#ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter to follow the best team in the PL @LFC.

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