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 7 months ago

has anyone asked trump to quit nicely?

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 7 months ago

@SamDodson17 @danieltosh New map on cod

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 7 months ago

@danieltosh Best President ever why would we ask him to quit?

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 7 months ago

@danieltosh He will in 2024!

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 7 months ago

@danieltosh I hope so

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@danieltosh When does the new season start?

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 7 months ago

@danieltosh If you think it will work, I’m in!

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 7 months ago

@danieltosh I have

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 7 months ago
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Richard Nixon... oh wait.. he quit! He was a private citizen... but hey... what does that matter? #ImpeachAndConvict

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Nah, they’d rather chance being hypocritical dick’s than chance losing their crazy cult base that they’re riding their coattails on. By 2022 they’ll be regretting their decisions when their base falls off & slithers back into their dark holes.
#ImpeachAndConvict #45GOP

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The reason the GOP does not want to #ImpeachAndConvict Trump is because they figure if he doesn’t get convicted, they can’t be held accountable either. They are only trying to save their own necks, and it is despicable.

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