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@John_Di_Lemme When will Trump take accountability for all the lies, loss, and mayhem he’s produced over the course of his life? #saysitall

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When will Joe Biden Hug the
American Flag?....

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@RepMattGaetz @battoraci And a historic record of voters support.

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Splutter, splutter. This interview #SaysItAll really...

Brexit: Fisheries minister did not read deal as she was 'very busy organising local Nativity trail' - Evening Express

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@BorisJohnson Believed so much in the country that he engaged in tax avoidance..... #SaysItAll

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What truly amazes me, is that in a country as dysfunctional as ours, such that millions are on the verge of armed rebellion, all Congress can think to do is try to impeach a President who has 8 days left in his term.
Honestly, how much more broken do institutions get?

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Lest we forget that @Chartwells_UK call these appalling parcels ‘hampers’. #saysitall

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I've been getting a bit tearful thinking of the children who are actually having to survive off this sh*t whilst their lives are on hold and they can't even go to school. £30 worth of food below? Are they taking the p*ss? This is simply not good enough. @BootstrapCook

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@CelticFansTV @DMcGCfc1888 From Brendan Rodgers to Gavin Strachan and his fucking laptop. #saysitall

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👀 Here’s the craziest post-insurrection edit captured by @CongressChanges: #Seditionist Rep. Michael Cloud of Texas updated the bio on his congressional account to add that he’s on Gab and Parler. 👀 #SaysItAll

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@hulllive One Hullensian's 'independant' is another's overly inward looking, parochial backwater.

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@desertman388 Director buying again #saysitall

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From my photography competition entries I’ve just received this from a year 8 student that was part of their presentation they have created. #saysitall #AcademicTwitter #thankyouteachers #onlinelearning #COVID19

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With everything going on in the country Trump is planning his last week in office to focus on punishing Twitter

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Yrs ago, long before we could imagine #Trump as president, I saw an interview. The reporter asked a hypothetical question of Donald. "If you ran for President, which party would you run for?" Without hesitation, he said, "Republican. They are so much more gullible." #SaysItAll

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‘Their failure to warn us ..’

#usedtobedifferent #last100year

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Scathing piece on Trump, from former British ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch. Four years of pure chaos.

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Sidney Blumenthal #SaysItAll

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Precious Metals pose a risk to the U$-system, while base metals are not seen as a form of money #saysitall #CRIMEX

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One of the truest things President Trump has ever said was that they aren't after him, they're after us, and he's just standing in the way. This really tells it all.

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Yuckerberg Gates Soros #SaysItAll #freedomofspeech the radical left are about controlling and bring down democracy. We must protect our rights.

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Yuckerberg Gates Soros #SaysItAll #freedomofspeech the radical left are about controlling and bring down democracy. We must protect our rights. #Trump

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imagine, they knew they couldnt #SayHerName in the middle of the insurrection.
imagine that. #SaysItAll


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@BenJolly9 Account deleted #saysitall

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This from longstanding @HullLive local government/political hack-in-chief for #Hull #Humber north bank!



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I see people justifying what is happening in America are the same people who have been critical of terrorism around the world #saysitall #Hypocrites

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What a f* scene this is. #saysitall

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Trump sier han elsker demonstrantene som har brutt seg inn i kongressen og forårsaket at ei kvinne er skutt. Men... på tross av valgjuks må de gå hjem i fred. #saysitall #gethimout #crazy #narcissist

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During the four years of the Civil War, the confederates never got closer to Washington than Fort Stevens. Until today, when insurrectionist supporters of @realDonaldTrump paraded through the U.S. Capitol Building carrying the Confederate battle flag.

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Mike Pence is no longer following President Trump on twitter, it looks like Pence really is a traitor🤔

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@pauljmullan01 Not a shot fired not a knee to the neck #SaysItAll

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@BillCheetham @IntSausHero @gazzy_uk @hulllive @GrimsbyLive @ScunthorpeLive @HumbersideFire Did a tally the other day. Reckon I’ve reported on ‘misdemeanours’ of at least 15-20 local politicians over the years, including three current MPs. Three ended up in prison.

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