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The first 2 months of 2021 has been a FUBAR shit show. The #illegitimatePresident has broken every promise he's made. The DemocRats are destroying this country 1 day at a time.

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36 days into this #IllegitimatePresident administration and ALREADY bombing sovereign nation.

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WATCH: Defense Sec. Austin tells reporters that President Biden ordered airstrikes in Syria at his recommendation and that they are “confident in the target that we went after."

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@POTUS @KamalaHarris Where’s all your #MeToo help for the young lady raped by #Cuomo where’s the outrage? #Hypocrisy clear as day #illegitimatePresident #woke #idiots

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Was Joe Biden informed?

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Biden Fails First Iran Tests – Won’t ‘Lash Out’ after Rocket Attacks on US Embassy Pedo-Joe BiDUMB #illegitimatepresident IS PROVING HIS COWARDICE IN THE FACE OF THE ENEMY ONCE AGAIN !! I think SISSY-Joe is still looking for inspiration !!! 💩💩💩💩💩

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How's everyone liking Obama's third term so far?

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Love it❣‼️. #fake45 was an #IllegitimatePresident and nothing he did while in office will stand, including his fukking #BorderWall 🤬🔥🥸

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What do they know that we don’t? ... of course we (the non leftist critical thinkers) already know
Dems now seeking to keep Biden from nuclear codes

#BidenFamilyCrimeRacket #manchuriancandidate #stopsocialism #IllegitimatePresident #mentallyincompetent

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Smoke &mirrors! “Here I’ll look like I’m doing right against Iran!”
only to bow behind closed doors
#WeThePeople know theatrical BS
#FU #IllegitimatePresident #FU
Breaking: Biden Bombs Syria to Punish Iran for Attacks on US in Iraq via @gatewaypundit

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Federal Prosecutors Oppose Dismissing Steve Bannon’s Indictment Despite Trump Pardon — Here’s Why

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And so it fu(king begins folks! Thanks all you lunatics at voted for this dementia patient!!! Starting a war is the FIRST thing Presidents who have no clue what to do, do... #IllegitimatePresident

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JUST IN - U.S. has carried out airstrikes against Iran-backed militia in #Syria in an operation approved by Joe Biden (Reuters)

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@POTUS @JoeBiden I’m shocked it wasn’t an EXECUTIVE ORDER! 🤣 #IllegitimatePresident

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@thereidout Yeah in his DELUSIONAL head because the ex #ILLEGITIMATEpresident HATES his guts!🤣🤣

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Remember we have an #IllegitimatePresident because of these machines in the wrong people

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Mail-in ballots and voting machines banned in France

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And Biden won the 2020 election 🤥Biggest Lie in history #BidenCheated #IllegitimatePresident

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If everyone who did their job deserved the #vaccine then the Lebanese members of #parliament would never get their turn because they are corrupt lazy culprits
#NoWasta #Corruption #inequality #incompetent #BeirutBlast #IllegitimatePresident #PoliticsLive #Lebanon #coronavirus

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These individuals are wanted by #FBI for their alleged involvement in conspiracy to defraud US by impairing, obstructing & defeating the lawful functions of FEC, DOJ & Dept of State. This occurred from early 2014 to February of 2018.

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Other than Obama~Covid is the biggest hoax ever perpetuated on this Country

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