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My Senator!! Continue to work in the best interest of us Georgians!! Also, GA, we have to show up again in the 2022 midterms to ensure @ReverendWarnock keeps his #GASen seat! Everyone around the US must show up and #VoteBlue in #2022Midterms, and every election after that. #GAPol

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1️⃣5️⃣ More days until we get Joe and Dr Jill and Kamala and Doug 🥳💙🇺🇲🍑
#GoodTuesday #GASen #gapols #tuesdaymotivations

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.@ReverendWarnock is presiding over the Senate.

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"Mr. Trump’s deepest hostility is reserved for Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia, advisers said, and they expect he will expend the most energy trying to damage Mr. Kemp’s re-election bid."

Story from @maggieNYT @reidepstein #gapol #gasen

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@GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @GOPoversight @CRNC @gopleader @WSJ @nytimes @USATODAY @latimes @MiamiHerald @orlandosentinel @chicagotribune @Suntimes @abc15 @azcentral @FOX10Phoenix @phoenixnewtimes #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta
@11AliveNews [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] @KCStar

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Having Collins and Loeffler back for a rematch in #gasen would be great news for Democrats, but the idea of Loeffler running again should be repugnant even to her. And wouldn't Collins rather take a shot at Kemp, fueled by the fumes of the MAGA movement? #gasen

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No other President in history has ever tried to subvert the will of the people through insurrection, and the GOP is acting like he returned a library book late.

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Could the Republican-on-Republican battle that raged between former U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler and former U.S. Rep. Doug Collins be headed for a rematch next year? Finger-pointing is underway... #gasen

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How tall is Mitch McConnell? I just saw Senator Jon Ossoff walk past him and Mitch looked tiny and frail. Also, who are they waiting on to vote? It's already 84 to 15. Just call it so they can all get out of there. #GApol #GAsen #Georgia @ossoff @cspan 2

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Senator Jon Ossoff and Senator Bernie Sanders were talking for a little while. I clicked quickly and caught them when they were finishing up. @ossoff #GApol #GAsen #Georgia @cspan 2

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Senator Raphael Warnock and Senator Jon Ossoff voted to confirm Janet Yellen for Treasury Secretary. Rand Paul voted no but he also voted no on anti-lynching legislation so his opinion is mud. @ReverendWarnock @ossoff #GApol #GAsen @cspan 2

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#gapol #gahouse #gasen
If elderly and school tax money was not freely available to #georgiapower & #southerncompany to bail out their troubled #vogtle Vortex, they would run from it like cockroaches when the lights snap on.


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#gasen #galeg #gapol #gapolitics georgia politics #atlanta #GA Atlanta, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5
@IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems #TheResistance #Indivisible

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@WSJ @nytimes @USATODAY @latimes @MiamiHerald @orlandosentinel @chicagotribune @Suntimes @abc15 @azcentral @FOX10Phoenix @phoenixnewtimes @phxbizjournal @TucsonStar #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @[email protected] @SavannahNow @GeorgiaFootball [email protected] [email protected]

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Sandy Hook families demand resignation of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who has written that she agrees with lies, frequently broadcast by Jones, that the attack on Sandy Hook & other gun massacres were staged.

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@Izengabe_ @TurukanotheWise Kelli Ward and MTG would make great republican candidates for #AZSen and #GASen!

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The way your talking about #OHSEN is the same way you spoke about #GASEN until people brave enough stood up and organized.

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A jammed Jolt: Gov. @BrianKempGA’s 2022 plans for reelection take shape, Hank Aaron’s ties to a Georgia lawmaker and rumblings of a Loeffler/Collins rematch next year for the right to take on @ReverendWarnock: #gapol #gasen

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Why Dumph HAS to be prevented from future office!

#gapol #gasen

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Boycott Fox News advertisers AND tell them you’re doing it!
#gapol #gasen

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FYI- @BetoMedia

The #GASen tag-team campaign was almost like a two-for-one race. Each candidate helped the other collaterally.

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Missing, I would vote for #GAsen to be more likely flipped back to Republican in 2022.

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"Fox News is a hazard to our democracy. It’s time to take the fight to the Murdochs. Here’s how."
Another #mustread from @Sulliview

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Anyone doing their taxes & wondering why they owe more then last year but made the same, it’s a DELAYED TAX INCREASE that started on 01/01/2021. Thank @GOP & Trump. It was included in they’re 2017 Tax bill. Your taxes are scheduled to go up in 2021, 2023, 2025 & 2027.

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Interesting: Joe Jaworski @JaworskiForTx, former Galveston mayor and grandson of the Watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski, is running for Texas Attorney General

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Dear @DougDucey: Plz run the US Senate bid to challenge Mark Kelly in 2022! #AZsen

Dear @GeoffDuncanGA: Plz run the US Senate bid to challenge Raphael Warnock in 2022! #GAsen

I want both of u to DEFEAT horrible incumbents!

Thank you,
American citizen

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NEW 2022 US Senate Predictions (2021 version) in contrary to my original 2017 prediction. Check out!

Pix: #FLsen Marco Rubio, #AZsen Doug Ducey and #GAsen Geoff Duncan

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If you wondered about the beagle in Senator @ReverendWarnock’s #GeorgiaSenate campaign ads, meet Alvin... AND get great insights from @AndraGillespie and @hakeemjefferson, among others:

via @ShaneGoldmacher @nytimes #gapol #gasen

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Imagining the 2022 #GASen debates' fiery sermon battles between these two:

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@alltimehighdebt Even I was a bit worried. More so before the #GASen runoff's. This trend with incumbents is a bit weird tho.

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Looks like the Patriot Party has filed docs Donald J. Trump for president, Inc. with the FEC

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#gasen #galeg #gapol #gapolitics georgia politics #atlanta #GA Atlanta, GA Macon, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems

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#gasen #galeg #gapol georgia politics #atlanta #GA Atlanta, GA Macon, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems #TheResistance #Indivisible

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Trump Recruits Top DOJ Official to Corruptly Overturn Georgia Election Results. This is beyond the criminal pale. Accountability is non-negotiable. Justice is non-negotiable. This MUST be investigated/prosecuted. Because #JusticeMatters via @YouTube

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@SteveSchmidtSES There is a profoundly important issue that is being grotesquely under covered in the media, particularly the business and tech media. It concerns the actions of 140 House Members led by
@GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy and 7 US Senators...

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In 2022, Republicans are more likely to flip...

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Shameful that north Georgia elected this sorry excuse for a human being.

#gapol #gasen

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So, Cobb County, I suppose you’ll be looking for a new superintendent and a couple of school board members?
Not so great example for your children....

Remember, all politics start at the local level.
#gapol #gasen

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@bluestein Please ask the school boards to make their criteria for in-person instruction of students public in order to increase the faith in those decisions. #gapol #gasen

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Powerful stuff on Marjorie Taylor Greene here from @fred_guttenberg

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Live look IRL at the next dog #GASEN @ReverendWarnock pretends to own

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OF COURSE @ShaneGoldmacher has the best story about Warnock and the Beagle. He is just that good. #gasen

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Fascinating #GaSen 🍑 🐶

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NEW: It wasn't actually Warnock's dog.

My story on how Alvin the beagle helped deliver the first Black senator in Georgia and a Democratic-controlled Senate — and what it says about race and politics in America in 2021.

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It wasn’t ⁦⁦Warnock’s dog. W/ ⁦@AndraGillespie⁩ in ⁦⁦the @nytimes, I explain⁩ psychology of deracialization & how the cute pup is like a pumpkin spiced latte. Both have racial associations in our minds—fact not lost on Warnock’s team.

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A teacher's dying wish was for people to wear masks during the pandemic. 3 Cobb County, GA educators have died during COVID. At a school board meeting Thursday, 2 board members & the superintendent refused to wear masks even during a moment of silence. A staff member responds:

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"Madison Cawthorn has misled the public about training for the Paralympics, just as he misrepresented his education and business history"

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GOP chair of the Gwinnett County elections board on why she wants GA legislature to impose new restrictions on voting. “They don’t have to change all of them, but they’ve got to change the major parts of them so that we at least have a shot at winning.”

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