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stupid is as stupid does #gapol

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This is beautiful and look at all our hard work!!! #gasen #gapol

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New Georgia Development of Regional Impact doc
Harmony Gee Waste Handling Facilities Dawson Co. ...


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Republican House Rep. Sainz says he had difficulty getting his COVID test results back from last week, so he followed protocol and watched the day via livestream. COVID safety measures are not “partisan” or something to be used as “a plea for attention,” he says. #gapol

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@GOPChairwoman ...but teachers should not be empowered to protect their own health safety?

Why does the @gop want to endanger the lives of school teachers?

#gop #teachers #COVID19 #gapol

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@CongressmanHice @SpeakerPelosi @SenatorLeahy [email protected] #GA10...why are you defending #DonaldTrump?

Where is your loyalty to the oath you took? Where is your loyalty to #Georgia?

#gapol #JodyHice #ImpeachTrump @gagop #gagop @freedomcaucus @HouseGOP

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👀 While some legislators *cough* insist on risking the lives of others by refusing to take a FREE Covid-19 test, others 👇🏿 are too busy doing the work. #Georgia needs leaders who will fight for our future! 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 #leggo #gapol #thegolddome

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COVID has sickened more than 722,000 Georgians and killed nearly 12,000. A member of the state legislature had to be escorted out by troopers today after refusing the free COVID test every other House member has taken as a safety precaution. #gapol

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Georgia state @RepDavidTClark was removed from the House chamber during Tuesday's session after repeatedly refusing to be tested for COVID-19. #gapol #gapolitics

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Happening now! @km_dewit of @pewstates speaks with @waberosescott about the state of #broadband in Georgia. #gapol

Don't miss it:

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Speaker Ralston instituted health and safety measures to make sure each legislator could represent the people in their district without putting the health of their families in jeopardy. This policy deserves 100% support. @gahousehob #gapol

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Georgia’s House speaker booted a fellow state rep (and political foe pictured below w no mask) from the chamber today for refusing to take twice-weekly COVID-19 tests required for all lawmakers in the 2021 legislative session. #gapol

Capitol Beat story:

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@BTrambauer @mtgreenee is SUCH an embarrassment to the state of GA. Please hurry and win her seat. #gapol

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More from GA Rep. David Clark defending why he won't follow COVID-19 safety protocols at the GA Capitol. Speaker Ralston has banned Clark from the chamber until he is tested and taken away his assigned office in the Capitol complex. More at 7pm on #GPBLawmakers @gpbnews #gapol

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@mtgreenee They are writing about you because you are a CRAZY Qanon believer that posts on Twitter too much to try to stay relevant. If you would SHUT UP and DO YOUR JOB, perhaps you wouldn’t be such a target. #embarrassingmystate #gapol #ga

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Also, shows that 200 Georgians lost jobs in Dec 2020, across non-education, state govt jobs. Over 2,000 Georgians have lost non-education state govt jobs since Dec 2019, with no help from GA's austerity cuts in its FY2021 budget #StateJobsDay #gapol

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UPDATED: Clark says he won't get tested, threatens legal action. Ralston takes his office space away. #gapol

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@RepScottHolcomb It seems @RepDavidTClark cares nothing for the health safety of @GaHouseHub & staff. He is potentially endangering others in our Capitol & surrounding areas. #DavidTCarter needs to be barred from the grounds until he agrees to comply.

#gapol #GA98 #GAGOP #DavidRalston #COVID19

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The camera doesn't cut to the chamber, but still an interesting moment to witness. #gapol

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The 2020 election is (finally!) done. But there are many questions to ask locally before the next cycle.

Join @SavannahOpinion and @willpeeblesSMN on Thursday as they answer your local election questions. #gapol

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@GOPChairwoman Ronna....when #DonaldTrump incited a terroristic mob to murderously attack the Capitol on #jan6, he gets NO credit for anything else.

In the USA....
Traitors don't get credit - they get convicted!!!

#gapol #GOP #GAGOP

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Here's more on Clark's ejection from the House: #gapol @ReporterRossW @stan_government

“I don’t know about y’all but I’ve been to too many funerals, and I’m getting tired of going to them,” Ralston said after he instructed state troopers to remove Clark.

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So basically he feels so comfortable in the chamber that it feels like he’s not really in public. Maybe instead let’s elect people who respect the gravity of their representation. #gapol

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Georgia already has vouchers, they're petri dishes for fraud & waste. HB 60 would create a 3rd with a price tag that approaches half a billion dollars. Lawmakers should reject this new attempt to funnel public funds to private schools. #GaPol

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A Georgia lawmaker from Buford was escorted out of the House chamber by law enforcement today for refusing to take a required COVID-19 test - the only state rep who rejected taking the free, on-site tests #gapol #COVID19

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Today's BLS #StateJobsReport shows positive overall job growth in Dec (+44,700), but shows a sobering trend among GA govt jobs. 1,700 Georgians lost jobs in State Govt Educational Services in Dec 2020 & nearly 10,000 have lost jobs since Dec 2019. #gapol

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"I wear my mask when I'm out in public."...Probably not something you should say when you're being interviewed on camera, in public, and not wearing a mask.

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Georgia has not yet reached the halfway point in giving first doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the roughly 2 million people currently eligible more than a month after the state’s distribution program began, Gov. Kemp said Tuesday. #gapol

Capitol Beat story:

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Clark and Beach also were two of several lawmakers signed onto a brief in support of a Texas lawsuit against Georgia and other states in hopes of flipping Joe Biden's victory in Georgia/US. He also ran for Speaker vs Ralston, so no love there. #gapol @AJCGaPolitics

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This is not the same. Not remotely. Nor is it akin to the refusal to seat Julian Bond a century later. The House has the power to set basic rules and to enforce them to ensure functional government. #gapol

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Not a thing that should necessitate a tweet in 2021 but ... *gestures* ... here we are. #gapol

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In case it needs to be stated ->

Racist lawmakers expelling Blacks from the chamber =/= getting booted for not getting a 2x week *free* COVID spit test so that people don't get sick and derail session (like his state Senator father-in-law did during the 2020 session)

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Today's Jolt: Former President Donald Trump still holds a special place for Gov. Brian Kemp in the deepest, darkest corners of his heart. But at least he has more company. #gapol

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@erickallen @tanulewicz Congratulations and thank you for your leadership for peer led recovery from Substance Use Disorder #gapol

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TOMORROW: 12:00 Noon EST the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse Legislative Town Hall

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 869 7962 0942
Passcode: recovery

#GARecovers #ARAD2021 #gapol #recovery

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#gapol @Georgia_AG @gagop
Outlaws is right. There can be no law and order in the GOP as they continue to cover up their insurrection.

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Speaking to reporters, Clark compared his removal to when 33 Black lawmakers were expelled from the chamber post-Civil War for their skin color, and said Ralston was a "dictator." #gapol

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Clark is the son-in-law of Sen. Brandon Beach, who came obviously ill to the session last March after having a COVID test. He later found out the test was positive, one of five or so senators to get COVID early on #gapol @AJCGaPolitics

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U.S. billionaire wealth in 2010: $1.5 trillion
U.S. billionaire wealth in 2020: $3.9 trillion

Federal minimum wage in 2010: $7.25
Federal minimum wage in 2020: $7.25

Does anyone else see a problem with this picture?

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Georgia lawmaker booted from chamber for failing to get COVID-19 test #gapol

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Good morning, Georgia!

✍️ $15/hr state minimum wage
✍️ In-state tuition for DACA
✍️ Same day voter registration

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Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) presiding over the U.S. Senate this morning...

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🚨BREAKING:Lawmakers in #Canada 🇨🇦 just voted *unanimously* to call on the government to declare the Proud Boys a #terrorist group.

Not a single dissenting vote.

The US must call out these terrorists NOW.

#GOPSedition #ConvictTrump

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