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Would be dope if @adidas made an #adidasgmr for basketball

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👟Men's adidas Originals Pharrell Williams HU NMD Shoes
👟These shoes rework the iconic NMD silhouette with text that stands out on the adidas Primeknit upper
👟 Product ID: GY0089

#shoes #adidasgmr #fashion #Trending #puma #mensfashion

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Didn’t really play, I just walked to the store and took advantage of it.

#GMR #AdidasGMR progress today.

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@EAFIFAMOBILE @EAFIFADirect @EAHelp @FIFAMobileDev Any update on fixing GMR bug with "Beating the Clock" tasks? You have not been responsive to the community despite knowing about the bug now for days. 12 hours to go. I doubt you'll fix bug on time. Happy New Year! #AdidasGMR

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@antopll_ @Swxnzey @adidasUK @adidas @Google Here we go, another one to the collection of unhappy customers. This needs an action and I still heard nothing from #AdidasGMR support in relation to the bug that impacts majority of users. I suspect that anyone who tries to update the dominant foot now would render account dead.

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How about a response to give update on the GMR bug? #AdidasGMR #GMRAdidas #FifaMobile #FifaMobile21 Here is the bug thread: @EAFIFAMOBILE @eahelp @FIFAMobileDev Will bug be fixed before GMR weekly challenge ends?

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Just saw this on Amazon: adidas Men's Essentials 3-Stripes Primegreen Regular Fit Full Length Tapered Training Joggers Sweatpants by adidas for $38.98

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@Swxnzey @adidasUK @adidas here you go, another Customer of #adidasgmr impacted - this time your loyal Customer from the beginning of GMR release. Something seriously wrong happened recently on the infrastructure side, either @Google #jacquard firmware or back-end update that prevents operation.

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@adidasUK Hello Team, I recently bought two pairs of #AdidasGMR for myself and my son. Tried to activate one yesterday and one today: pairing okay, firmware update completes but we can’t go beyond the step of selecting the dominant foot in the app - looks like DB error to me:

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@EAFIFAMOBILE Why is #adidasgmr not available in Nigeria?

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Not bad for an hour of 5-a-side in the snow and being majorly hungover!

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Nice little present for Lukie.
Adidas GMR insoles.

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#GMR progress today.


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It arrived! It came in less than a week (faster than it did in March with my other GMR insoles surprisingly), Zidane should be coming soon 👀

#AdidasGMR #GMR #FifaMobile

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Hello Adidas
adidas lives and breathes sports, creating high-performance footwear and apparel designed to keep athletes on top of their game. State-of-the-art sports footwear, apparel and accessories, with over 3,500 products.
Our website link

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¿Te ves capaz de competir con los profesionales? Demuéstralo con #adidasGMR.
@Lucasvazquez91 @MarceloM12

Consigue tu PACK adidas GMR en .

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Quite a cool device that Adidas has created, allowing football players to track their statistics of how they play and also connects to the FIFA mobile app! What do you think of it? @NTUSportSciMgmt #SPOR20102 #adidasGMR

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First time testing out the #adidasGMR @EAFIFAMOBILE may make a baller out of me yet 😆

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💪⚡🥇 هل يمكنك التفوق على أحد لاعبينا على أرض الملعب؟

👟 اكتشف ذلك مع #adidasGMR.
@adidasfootball | @MarceloM12 | @Lucasvazquez91

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The annual 2020 roundup of best @GoogleDesign is out! Happy to see 2020 products launched by my team
@GoogleATAP being recognized: Soli Sandbox and two #JacquardbyGoogle collaborations - #adidasGMR and two "smart" Konnect-i backpacks by @SamsoniteUSA.

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Indonesian cannot open the #adidasGMR

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💪⚡🥇 ¿Serías capaz de superar a alguno de nuestros jugadores sobre el césped?
👟 Descúbrelo con #adidasGMR.
@adidasfootball | @MarceloM12 | @Lucasvazquez91 #NewRomantics #HalaMadrid

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💪⚡🥇 Can you beat one of our players out on the pitch?
👟 Find out with #adidasGMR.
@adidasfootball | @MarceloM12 | @Lucasvazquez91

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💪⚡🥇 ¿Serías capaz de superar a alguno de nuestros jugadores sobre el césped?
👟 Descúbrelo con #adidasGMR.
@adidasfootball | @MarceloM12 | @Lucasvazquez91

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Haz que tu juego crezca. Mide tus movimientos en el campo con #adidasGMR como @1996Javi y @ericruiiz.
Hazte con el PACK adidas GMR en .

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¿Crees que puedes vencernos? Pruébalo!
Think you can beat us? Prove it!
@MarceloM12 🤓 @adidasfootball #adidasGMR

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morning bros, was so fun to participate in all of this

raising my game with #adidasGMR!
@GoogleATAP @adidasfootball @EAFIFAMOBILE

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@Sidemen Them sidemen chasing our man @timowerner’s #adidasGMR stats down 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Check out the adidas GMR chip that we used to find out our football stats ⬇️


#adidasGMR #createdwithadidas @adidasUK

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@EAFIFAMOBILE, Why #adidasGMR is not available in Nepal🇳🇵?

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Had the opportunity to try #adidasGMR to see how it synced with FIFA Mobile. Check out the vid over on YouTube 👇


@GoogleATAP @adidasfootball #Sponsored

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I got a free Joao Felix by doing exercise! 🥵

Raising my game with #adidasGMR! @GoogleATAP @adidasfootball @EAFIFAMOBILE #ad


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#adidasGMR kazanmak için yarışmamıza katılmayı unutmayın 👇

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¿Tienes dotes para el fútbol y quieres analizar tus movimientos? El Tag #adidasGMR se inserta en la plantilla de tus botas para medir la potencia de tus disparos, la distancia recorrida, tu velocidad y el número de pases realizados. 

Conoce más en .

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Mix and match for sale, are high-quality, the remaining size is not much, the price is very beautiful. #Goofy #Superstar #CyberNight #Goofy #Bánbuôngiàydép #adidasGMR #shoeswholesale #Giáthấp #Ngắtmã

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🎁 De Marke Garage x adidas iş birliği ile 5 takipçimize #adidasGMR hediye ediyoruz.


Yarışmaya katılmak için ➡

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Prove you have what it takes. Reach Level 3 in #adidasGMR for an exclusive 93 OVR Zinedine Zidane.

To find out more about adidas GMR visit

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