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👉 👈 RT @aliciakeys RT @keyssoulcare: New skincare offerings will be revealed tomorrow✨🤫 What do you think is coming? #CleanSkincare #KeysSoulcare

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My package finally came!!! 🤩✨ thank you so much @aliciakeys @keyssoulcare ✨🔥❤️🤩 #KeysSoulCare #AliciaKeys

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Alicia Keys - Reviving Aura Mist #KeysSoulcare


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We envisioned the Keys Soulcare community as a platform for conversation, grounding, and positivity at pivotal and everyday moments 💛 Here’s some of our favorite mantras you’ve shared with us: #KeysSoulcare

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Created with with manuka honey, turmeric, and chamomile, The Golden Cleanser works to deeply cleanse and calm the skin while supporting moisture retention 🍯 #CleanSkincare #KeysSoulcare

Shop online at + @ultabeauty

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#AliciaKeys enjoying her self care with her baby boy and her products at #keyssoulcare #HHUCIT

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Alicia Keys - Harmony Mask #KeysSoulcare


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Alicia Keys & Emilia Ortiz Talking About The Mantras and The New Skincare Offerings #KeysSoulcare


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AVAILABLE NOW: #KEYSSoulcare by #AliciaKeys NEW Skincare Products

- Harmony Mask, Golden Cleanser, Comforting Balm, Reviving Aura Mist, Be Luminous Exfoliator, Skin Transformation Cream Fragrance Free
- $12-30

shop: (affiliate)

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Finally placed my order 😌🔥✨ @keyssoulcare @aliciakeys #KeysSoulCare

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@aliciakeys is killing me out here with R15 to the dollar 😭😭 #KeysSoulCare

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Alicia Keys - Be Luminous Exfoliator #KeysSoulcare


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Alicia Keys - New #KeysSoulcare Offerings


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Meet the clean ingredients inside our new derm-developed skincare offerings available tomorrow at + 🍯✨🌹🥰🥑💧 #CleanSkincare #KeysSoulcare

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We just got word on @elfcosmetics & @aliciakeys skincare line #KeysSoulcare and you aren’t going to want to miss this!

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Alicia Keys - Golden Cleanser #KeysSoulcare


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Replying to @aliciakeys RT @keyssoulcare: New skincare offerings will be revealed tomorrow✨🤫 What do you think is coming? #CleanSkincare #KeysSoulcare

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@keyssoulcare Gentle face wash product and/or sunblock lotion.

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New skincare offerings will be revealed tomorrow✨🤫 What do you think is coming? #CleanSkincare #KeysSoulcare

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Year of the Glow Up ✨ #KeysSoulcare

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This wick is on fireee 🤣 🔥 Have you tried the Sage + Oat Milk Candle yet? Let us know in the comments👇🏽 #KeysSoulcare

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"I want to be someone who brings and shares light in this world but I know that to do that, I need to be connected to my own light." Powerful words from lightworker Brit Barron 💫 How are you nurturing your light today? #KeysSoulcare

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Give yourself the ultimate facial massage and repeat “I am strong, capable, and unstoppable” 💪🏼 Try the Obsidian Facial Roller for yourself, available + @ultabeauty. #KeysSoulcare

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Take care of yourself as you unwind from this year 🙏🏽 Pause, reflect, and set one positive intention for a brighter journey is ahead! #KeysSoulcare

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Some more goodies from @aliciakeys 😍 Be on the lookout for the #KeysSoulcare line in 2021! #lightworker

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The power these hold💥 🙌🏽 😍 Shop the first ritual now- link in bio. #KeysSoulcare

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We love how you’re transforming routine into ritual 😍 Continue sharing your personal skincare ceremonies with us using #KeysSoulcare so we can see the magic 🧡

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Alicia Keys - Obsidian Facial Roller #KeysSoulcare

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Finally got my #KeysSoulCare Box and I love it! @aliciakeys @keyssoulcare

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Goddess tool tip from @AliciaKeys: chill your Obsidian Facial Roller in a bowl of ice before application for a cooling effect 🧖🏽‍♀️.
The first ritual is available at @ULTABeauty. #KeysSoulcare

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Connection, spirit, peace and inspiration. My perfect moment 💙✨ #peace #spirit #inspiration #perfectmoment #AKFAM #keyssoulcare #aliciakeys

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@keyssoulcare The *most* important key to a joyful, happy and healthy relationship (intimate + platonic) is open, honest, courageous communication. No relationship will survive without it. Not texting. Not DMs. Face to face, heart to heart communication. Love your #KeysSoulCare tips ❤

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When it comes to love, talking through the hard stuff can make us feel even more vulnerable. But, if we’re not willing to open up, it can drive a wedge into our relationship. #KeysSoulcare

Find inspo to keep the communication lines open here: )

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Malachite is the stone of transformation, known for its mystical, energy-renewing properties. The crystal has also been used for centuries to cleanse and purify the skin, making for the perfect ingredient in our Skin Transformation Cream. #KeysSoulcare

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@aliciakeys Get all of the details about the the amazzzzing Skin Transformation Cream, Sage + Oat Milk Candle, and Obsidian Facial Roller now available at and @ultabeauty 💥💥💥💥 #KeysSoulcare 😊❤❤ @ursula_whyte1

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